The mission of the Department of Industrial Management and Logistics is to enable supply chain professionals and businesses to improve logistics performance by providing innovation and solutions for global and domestic supply chains.

The research is strongly industry related with focus on development of new tools for analysis, design and management of logistics processes, and new concepts and strategies for the practice of supply chain management.

Division of Engineering Logistics

The Division of Engineering Logistics contributes to improvements in the competitiveness of industry and other sectors by the development and dissemination of new knowledge in the areas of supply chain management and logistics.

The research is mainly based on the systems approach, using primarily qualitative, but also quantitative, methods. Main focus has lately been on the following areas: supply chain security and risk management; process based business development; supply chain visibility; and vendor-managed inventory.

New projects are being developed within the areas of sustainable logistics and humanitarian logistics.

Division of Production Management

The research of the Division of Production Management aims at contributing to the field of production and inventory control. The research is mainly based on the positivistic approach, using primarily quantitative methods, such as mathematical modeling and simulation.

Main focus has lately been on the following areas: deterministic and stochastic multi-level production-inventory systems; different ordering systems; inventory control; safety stocks and lot sizes; and centralized/decentralized planning and control.

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